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The music (from the greek noun μουσική) is the organization art of sounds and noises over time and space.

This is art as a complex of practices standards suitable for achieving certain sound effects, that can express the individual's inwardness that produces the music and the listener; it comes to science as the study of the birth, evolution and analysis of the intimate structure of the music. The generated sounds is by singing or using musical instruments that, through the principles of acoustics, causing auditory perception and emotional experience intended by the artist.

The meaning of music is not unique and is still hotly debated among scholars because of the different meanings used in the various historical periods. Etymologically the word music is derived from the adjective greek μουσικός / Mousikos concerning Muse, figures from Greek and Roman mythology, reportedly in order to technical implication, also deriving from the greek τέχνη / techne. Originally the term did not indicate a particular art, but all the arts of the Muses, and was referring to something "perfect." The main categories of intelligent, lightweight and ethnicity are divided into different genres and musical forms that use systems such as harmony, tonality and polyphony.


December 30, 2013


December 30, 2013

Nick Martira

in The DJs
December 27, 2013

Nick Martira born in 1979, suffered its growth brings the first indications for the great passion: music , " Underground House " . He began his artistic career in 1993 playing at private parties and in local houses of friends , feeling himself grow rapidly in the unique bond that only " those who create music " can feel free . By Nick the music itself becomes a powerful generator of emotions, a great tool that allows human beings to smile and support key events in their lives. The year 1997 is an important year for Nick behind the console , through his DJ sets , grows ever stronger desire to convey strong emotions towards his young audience with his music and style than usual, which makes it unique , appointed by his fans and friends, "the prince .." Lover of sound " Tribal House " and the old " Underground ," Nick in 1997 sees him starring in the best clubs trendy and cool onenight in his country. In 2005, following the project " HOUSEVOLUTION " , a web portal which embodies all of the group's initiatives , products , fashions and trends of the night, until it becomes a tangible reality and reference. In 2009 creates the artistic group " Nimas Groove" , then it follows from the charge and the grit of competition and creativity that brought the band to new and important international collaborations , including managers and artists in house music . Since the beginning for Nick there have been many changes that have swept the world of music, but what for him will not change is pleased to consistently interpret his musical style and passion that differs it from a life ..

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